Konrad & Paul


Kurzfilm, 15 min

Festivaltour (u.a. Chinh India Kids Film Festival (New Delhi), Universal Kids Film Festival (Istanbul), World of Film International Festival Glasgow, Symi International Film Festival, San Diego International Kids‘ Film Festival, International Short Film Festival Detmold, St. Lawrence International Film Festival uvm.)

Jury-Begründung KIDS FIRST!: „This is a quietly provocative short film that sort of creeps up on you as it unfolds. I like that the films has these layers of mystique. We don’t know what the background is of either the boy or the old man. We do see that neither of them fit in exactly, and yet, they are finding their own happiness.

Buch & Regie: Sarah Schill
Kamera: Josie Rücker
Musik: Stefan Weyerer