Folge 15: How can indigenous wisdom guide us?


Wachstumsversuche – Interview mit Kathi von Koerber


Kathi von Koerber is a filmmaker, a dancer, a teacher, a healer, an activist, a mother – and much more. For me personally, she is one of the most inspiring women, I know.

Together with her husband, Kathi brings indigenous wisdom and knowledge to the western world, in order to help heal the madness of modern society.

Kathi grew up in South Africa and from her early childhood on was interested in the different tribes and traditions. For many years, she traveled the world, learning from Bushmen, Shamans and Elders of different traditions, always understanding more about the wisdom of the earth. Because this is where most of those teachings come from: Observing nature, recognizing the signs and in best case, being able to read them.

We talk about her father, who has been a great inspiration for Kathi and about her mother, who passed way too early, but has never truly left. Kathi tells me about her first encounters with ancient traditions and how that formed her future path. We speak about healing plants and Ayurveda, about dance and body language, about the importance of traveling and about rituals of passage. Kathi shares, how she found mothering energy apart from her real mom and what life on a feminine planet might require from us. We also talk about the importance of cleaning, of asking for forgiveness – and of sharing some of the Oktoberfest-beer with mother earth. Kathi wants to live and die young – something I can only subscribe.

If you never heard about the teachings of the earth and of spirit, some of our conversation might sound a bit strange to you. But as I am deeply convinced, we need those conversations now more than ever, I hope you will listen and receive with an open heart.

Kathi also guides online courses about Intuitive feminine wisdom and more – which is linked in the shownotes, as well as some of her other projects.

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Kathis courses:

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