Episode 10: How did the model become a farmer?


Wachstumsversuche – An Interview with Elettra Wiedemann


Elettra Wiedemann was a high-class fashion-model for over a decade. She worked with some of the most renowned photographers and travelled the world for countless shootings and shows. Her eye for style and design, her interest in healthy and delicious food and her wish, to get those meals down on the plate in a decent amount of time, led her to her successful food-blog “Impatient foodie”, for which she also wrote two cook-books. Elettra studied Biomedicine, Biosciences and Society at the London School of Economics and wrote her dissertation about Vertical Farming, a future solution for feeding urban citizens. She also launched a pop-up restaurant and hosted her own cooking-show with prominent guests. Her interest in food-production and sustainability lead her to her current transformation as Executive Director of Mama Farm, a Long-Island based community supported agriculture (CSA), founded by Elettra’s mother Isabella Rosselini. Here, she brings her talents and experience together, supports her community with organic food, develops meaningful new projects and is creating a beautiful live together with her husband and two sons.

When I first met Elettra, I was fascinated by her quick and bright mind, the Coolness of a Manhattan-born and raised gal, her positive approach towards life and her great heart that was shining through everything she did or said. Much later, I learned, that Elettra was not only the daughter of famous actress Isabella Rosselini, but also the granddaughter of Ingrid Bergmann and Roberto Rossellini. And I couldn’t help but wonder, how with this heritage, she became such a down-to-earth person who would rather talk about possible solutions for the climate crisis then about fashion, fame and her family.

I’m very much inspired by Elettra’s wish to constantly evolve and transform and her desire “to live as many lives as I possibly can in this one live”. I wanted to know, how she went from her demanding and exciting time in front of the camera to this nature-based way of living. We talk about her childhood in Manhattan and how her strong family roots supported her, when she was diagnosed with scoliosis as a young girl and had to wear a back brace for all her teenage years. Elettra tells about her different family roots and how she claimed to be more than just a daughter or granddaughter. As mothers of each two sons, we discuss about how to support them in becoming the best and most happy persons they possibly can – and also about challenges of motherhood. We cover many subjects, from future solutions to the climate crisis, the #MeToo movement, the TV show Sex and the City and the spiritual practices Elettra found to keep her heart and mind centered.

It was an inspiring encounter and my past fascination for Elettra’s shining personality was again confirmed. I love, how our talk flows through different aspects and thought-processes. Elettra’s path and her constant will to transform and experience life in the fullest are a great encouragement to stay curious, to evolve and to follow your heart.


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