Why not try love?
As cheesy as it may sound. 
Why not try love?

Why not try to understand the person next to you, 
Instead of judging?
Why not listen, just listen?
Without the need to speak. To be right.

Why not open your heart?
Not only to the ones close to you, but to all of mankind.
And while we’re at it
To all living beings,
As well as
The earth herself.

Why separate from each other?
Only because there are different opinions 
and truths
and ways to perceive the world.

Why not be forgiving and kind?
Why not soft instead of hard?
Soft things don’t break that easily.

Why not say: I’m scared? 
Or even: I don’t know.
Instead of: You are wrong.
Why not hold the fear and rage,
Inside and out
With all love and tenderness?

Why not try it together
Instead of alone?
Why not ask for support?
Or just a hug.

Why not take a breath
And just once, before reacting,
Before accusing,
Ask ourselves:
What would love do?

Why not give it a try?
In the end
We’re all one.
So why not try love for a change?